Question Was recently hacked and now windows keeps updating


Nov 18, 2015
I was hacked about 3 months ago and had to delete many trojan/malware programs that were installed by the hacker. After not having any complications for a month, my computer started updating by itself and when I go to "Windows Update", it states that "My organization" still has control over my update settings.

  • I have been through countless of scans(both malware and antivirus scans) and couldn't find any malware on my computer
  • used the group policy method where I go to Group Policy > Admin Templates > Windows Components > Data Collection and Preview Builds >Allow Telemetry, enabled and set options to 3, applying it and reverting back to my default settings
This sounds like an excellent reason to complete reformat (delete) your drive(s) and do a clean install.
Consider any banking, work, pleasure sites you have visited on this computer to have compromised passwords. Email, social media, all of it.
Consider any file saved anywhere on this computer as suspect. Any other computer on your same (lan) network is likely compromised as well.


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