Question Was working, but now a ROG Strix x370-F non-existent Beep Code? + CPU light On

Feb 9, 2020
Two days ago I had some power surges in my area and this is the first I've had any trouble with this build.
I have the computer plugged into a power strip for protection and it was shut down at the time of the event, but it still seems to be giving me trouble.

The beep code is 2 short beeps only. It does not repeat.
I can not find this code pattern on any of the official support guides or elsewhere for this particular motherboard.
( <-pg 2-16 of the manual for the motherboard doesn't list this pattern at all)

The ROG Strix x370-f motherboard on board LEDs have the red CPU light on.
There is insufficient information in the manual for CPU troubleshooting and I'm having a hard time researching ways to troubleshoot this since I don't have a spare CPU lying around and I don't have anything come up on my monitors so I can't get into the BIOS or anything like that.

What's weird is that initially it started like this when I first got power back and after a manual restart it came on just fine.
I had to do it again the next day and yet it came on fine after a moment.
I tried to turn it on today, but it does not boot at all. Nothing on the screen.
I FINALLY got it to boot up and nothing is out of the ordinary and the only thing I did differently these few hours later is I just... let it sit and tried again.
It's like it hasn't been catching the boot up correctly or something?

I am currently using the following build:
OS: Windows 10 Home
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700x
RAM: T-Force (Team Group) DDR4 Gaming Dark 16GB
COOLING: Cryorig H5 Ultimate
POWER: EVGA 750 watt Gold Power Supply (80+ gold)

This rig has been working absolutely fine for just over a year now until this event.
I'm worried that the surges overpowered my protections and my CPU has fried itself despite showing no performance issues the few times it did boot up after this happened.

I tried to unplug all my connections and reconnect them for the power source to the CPU and such just in case and that didn't help.

  • Does anyone know what the 2 beeps means?
  • How can I troubleshoot my CPU?
  • Why would it start up and behave normally the first two times and not these other times? And then decide to "randomly" work a few hours later today after having just let it sit and deciding to press the on button again for the hell of it?
I am confused and would appreciate help. Thanks in advance!