Question WASD randomly being pressed ?

Aug 1, 2021
Hello. The title says my issue. WASD randomly gets pressed, usually in the order wsd and sometimes a. Its not a keyboard issue because i got a new one in hopes that would help, I reinstalled all my keyboard drivers but nothing. It might seem like a small issue but its a huge issue for gaming. (if your not interested in reading why its bad for gaming dont read this part) I play bedwars a lot and i'll be speedbridging, the A key gets pressed, i fall the bridge im making and die.

I think its my computer thats the issue, but i dont have the money for a new one. I also dont know how to do stuff inside the PC. In a PC building class i had the pc i tried to build didnt turn on. The teacher didnt help though i think i can learn but would rather not risk breaking my computer.
Its not minecraft thats doing it, since it happens in discord and firefox as well. I thought about it and it could be something running on my pc that is causing it, but i dont know what not to stop from running.
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Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS information.

Make and model keyboard? Any other gaming peripherals? Mouse, joystick, etc.?

Are you running any gaming related software utilities? If so, which ones - source?

In Windows 10 use "WIN" + "I" > Gaming

Ensure that all current settings are as expected. If not, investigate further....

For the most part your system may have some utility or program running in the background that is simulating key presses and/or launching macros.

And those key presses and macros are not applicable to the game(s) in progress.

Look in Task Manager for any background tasks or utilities being launched at startup. Do not randomly start disabling or deleting them. Find out what they are and do.

Hopefully just a keyboard key assignment or macro issue of some sort.