Question Washed out / Transparent colour display after driver installation

Oct 20, 2021
This happened after I install the new Nvidia driver - version 496.13, the display shifted to a greyish colour and everything seems transparent. The monitor then went to sleep mode
I tried to reinstall my GPU driver and changed my DisplayPort cable but nothing works.
When I perform a clean driver install, It will change back to the normal colour for a few seconds and the monitor will go to sleep mode itself. The monitor will not wake up from sleep mode afterwards.

I tried to roll back the driver in device manager, and the colour on the monitor reverted back to normal.
Then I tried to reinstall the driver again and without surprise, the screen turns back to this greyish colour.
I tried both 472.12 and 496.13. Both didn't work.

I first downloaded the driver through Geforce Experience, which is the latest version.
After the incident, I uninstalled the driver using Display Driver Uninstaller.
I then reinstall the older driver 472.12 via NVcleanstall. Didn't work. Tried the latest version again, didn't work.
I also tried using Geforce Experience again, same result.

CPU - 5 5600X
GPU - RTX 2060
RAM - 32 GB
Mobo - B550 Aorus Elite v2
SSD - Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500 GB
OS - Windows 10 pro x64
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Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS information.

Did you manually download the drivers via Nvidia's website and then reinstall and reconfigure for your system?

I.e., no third party tools, utilities, or installers.

Does the problem occur if Windows uses the default GPU drivers?