Watch Dog Violation Error


Aug 11, 2016
Before anything, resetting my PC can be an option as I have nothing but games installed. Only problem is when I try resetting it says "could not find recovery environment". If you can help me on why I can't reset my PC that would be better. BTW I didn't make a recovery when I got the PC. Prebuilt by Cyberpower PC. Okay so i have recently updated my AMD drivers before going to bed one night by right clicking on the desktop and clicking on AMD radeon settings. After about 3-4 days of updating my drivers I noticed every time I ran Diablo 3 my computer would crash and the WatchDog violation would pop up. I checked windows for an update but no updates were found. Recently, my internet service provider was giving me problems (frontier) and cut the internet for absolutely no reason so I had no wifi up until this point. So today I uninstalled the radeon drivers (all of them) and redownloaded them because I needed the drivers to play H1Z1. I was able to play about 2 games but once I died in the third game my PC crashed and got the watch dog violation error again. My PC is about 3 weeks old. I just updated windows but that didn't help either.
Windows 10
AMD FX 8350
RX 480 4GB
8GB Ram
Motherboard is an Asus (haven't removed the side panels yet)
Same with power supply (not known)
Please any responses would help and thanks in advance :D