Question Water cooling a meshlicious?


Welcome tot he forums, newcomer!

IMHO, if you're new to the hobby, best start off with a larger build. SFF builds actually need you to build in a specific sequence. If you were to build a watercooling loop in an matx or atx chassis, you have room to work with and ofc, train yourself to follow up on said mistakes with rectifications. That knowledge can then migrate to another build of yours, your friends or possibly a client.

Second, you should read up the watercooling sticky to bring yourself up to speed with the hobby in general. It's linked in my sig space, has been there for the past decade(prior to the revision of the sticky by the author).

Performance PC's have been in the industry for a long while. Their guide is actually spot on, though they did use shortened cables that does help tie a watercooling build in an SSF chassis, together. Your other source of info can be here;
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