Sep 2, 2009
I want to water cool my next pc to keep it cool and not pay outrageous money. and also the noise of 8 fans going on a pc Is driving me crazy :pt1cable: . I want to practice water cooling with my athlon pc by rebuilding that bad boy after I killed it. I put new thermal paste on theen started her up and and the screen was blank. now I use a ibm think center with one fan in the back and a tiny rudy poo heatsink. and honestly the 60 c temps idle scare me on this thing. at load my temps shoot up to 70c. not only that but it's a intel celeron d and it's unning at stock speed. luckily this is only a temporary replacement until i build my new joint. but any way I wanted to know if my idea was practical. I am one of those guys who say doing is worth over doing. I wanted to use a giant truck radiator two big 12v fans and a high flow pump. :bounce: . This is a wild overkill design I know but how pratical is it? also if anyone has any comments on my other issues I have alot I hope there's no posting limit on this site because I have three computer projects happening at once and theres a roadblock for all of them

Thanks in advance


Jun 26, 2009
I would say do a lot of reading before you buy...chose the best setup/kit you think there is for the $$...Also testing on an old system is would take some time but is a good choice in my opinion...
It's good to test it out so you know you got it all down before you install it in your new system...I've heard of people with leakage problems...some even noticed it when it was too late and killed their systems...
BTW, you're right, 60c idle is a bit way too high...