Question Water cooling blocks for GPUs


Aug 30, 2014
Recently did a new build and i am thinking about changing my GPU to water cooled but i am getting confused as to which blocks will actually fit the card i have, in an ideal world i would be able to get something i can control with the Corsair iCue to match the lights with everything else. I have the MSI RTX 2070 super gaming X. Any information or suggestions are greatly appreciated thanks.
it depends on your card. there's generic blocks that fit cards with the reference PCB and/or only really cool the chip itself and then there are blocks specific for a card that cover all the components - VRMs, VRAM, chip, etc.
this is usually what you want.

They're - again usually - only available for high end cards (xx80, xx80Ti) but there are some for the xx70(S) cards as well. additionally some companies like Alphacool iirc offer to taylor a block for your card if you send it to them.

if it's the Gaming X Trio - EKWB has a block for that.
if it's the "regular" Gaming X, I don't think there's a block for it out there (haven't checked all the Chinese brands)
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As you move into custom watercooling, the safe shopping method is to find blocks you know exist for cards, and then buy the SKUs of those cards that fit specifically.

Most of the specialty PCBs or those with fancy air coolers don't always fit PCB that is considered reference to Nvidia or AMD's 'default' card layout. Some blocks are made that are specific to these alternate PCB layouts, but not all.