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Hi there I bought a small pump when I first went into water cooling a H60 i think and yes it worked for a while but in general you need two fans push pull but makes so much noise not worth it better going for a more expensive dual radiator with good fans as with the H110 I bought some much better but more expensive NF-A14 140mm Noctua now totally silent as to your question my motherboard does not have a pump header just connect to cpu fan should be fine I would go dual radiator though maybe something like this


To answer Op...

AIO's have been around for years, much longer than motherboards have included a cpu_pump header.

For that AIO, it's a basic AIO hookup. Instructions will say put the pump to cpu_fan and put the fan on sys_fan. Personally I think that's not right (it's done that way because the cpu has a security feature that if cpu_fan reads 0 rpm, it'll shut the pc down, as in if the pump fails) and most will do the reverse. In bios, set that sys_fan header to 100% permanently, so it's always at full power for the pump, and set the fan on cpu_fan so it has control according to temp of the cpu.

It's old school, doesn't need fancy headers.
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I would also recommend getting something larger than a 120mm if you have the room. Flow rates are very poor and the extra radiator space is nice to have when you don't have a very good pump and the unit being cheaply made to begin with.