[SOLVED] Water cooling on an Alienware Predator R1?

Jun 1, 2020
Anybody know if it's possible to use water cooling on of those those older Alienware Predator cases? I bought the case and rebuild it new everything. Told my self I always wanted an Alienware but never got around to getting an actual one. So when the chance came up for it I snagged a Blue Alienware predator case for 15 bux... finally built a gaming PC with some really good parts (for 2005)anywho.. fast forward to now.. I was thinking of adding some extra RAM and another GTX960 .... and got to thinking... can this case even mount a water cooling system?
Perfect, I recommend getting a Corsair H55. But any 120mm all-in-one (AIO) will work. Just check the compatibility list that it supports AM3.