Question Water Cooling Push-Pull Fans Configuration ?


May 12, 2020
Hi, I currently have a Corsair H60 liquid cooler (2013 version) strapped into my FX-9590 chip on an AM3+ platform (Gigabyte 990FXA UD3 R5). This particular cooler is 120mm which means smaller radiator and only supports up to 2 fans. As of right now, I am using a Gentle Typhoon 120mm fan in a "push" configuration and are planning to upgrade into a "push-pull" configuration adding the stock Corsair H60 fan for "pull".

The question is, which fan should act as the "push" and "pull" since both are different fans from different manufacturers and has different static pressures. Please do enlighten as I am new to water cooling. Cheers!
It likely will not make a signification difference. Most pressure designed fans are good enough to pass the maximum amount of air though your radiator. Adding a extra one will generally not increase the airflow since you are already at the maximum.
The added complexity of fans say not running exactly at the same RPM could actually make it worse.
A lot of the information you see about push/pull was when people where using case fans on radiators.

The problem with a water cooler is they have a limited life. Hard to say exactly but over time the pump will wear out somewhat and you will get water that can evaporate even though the thick tubing. If you are having cooling issues it could be because you have a 10yr old cooler.

What you will also find is modern air coolers now equal or exceed smaller water cooling systems and are generally cheaper. So any new money would be best spent on a new cooler rather than messing around with fans.


That H60 is made to run beyond what it was originally intended to do, i.e, your processors TDP is beyond what the AIO is able to dissipate regardless of high static pressure fans. You should look into a 360mm radiator setup to get that processor under control though then again, the motherboard you have is actually ill equipped to power that processor. You could read through the watercooling sticky, linked in my sig space(has been there for the past 7 or so years) and specifically the closed loop cooler section. Should bring you up to speed as to why I'm advising not to bother with that AIO and the platform anymore.

In short, I'd advise not to invest on the platform and perhaps keep it as a piece of history.
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