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Nov 29, 2017
Hello, I'm currently thinking of using the EK Gaming A240 watercooling kit since I'm a big fan of liquid cooling. However I cannot find any information on the different types of fluids available. I see transparent and solid fluids across different builds and I'm wondering which is which. I found mayhem pastel which appears to be a solid colour however it is not compatible with aluminum radiators. I want to use a solid colour for my fluid and I am wondering what kind of liquid would I use for my EK A240 water cooling kit?


1| If you want color in your loop, use colored tubing.
2| You're picking out the A240 kit, might want to contact EKWB about which liquid is compatible/suitable for that loop.
^ Last I checked, EKWB began a collaborative effort with Mayhems which is why the pastels you see on EK's store/site are the same you see on Mayhem's store.


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I know that for EK's Aluminum kits, they recommend using EK coolants to prevent corrosion, even more so than copper/nickel loops. They have an EK clear coolant that would be good for this and they recently announced some new EK coolants with color (as Lutfij mentions).

On top of that, the EK A240 kit should come with a bottle of this coolant - you can either use colored tubing (also as Lutfij mentions :) ) or you can simply add food grade coloring to the liquid. I've done this before and works well. Or you can seek out dye colorants...check Performance-PCs.com or even Amazon.

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