Question Watercooled 3080ti reaching 80+c with dual 360mm radiators!

Jul 7, 2021
Hey all, having a bit of crazy a thermal issue.

I have a 5960x overclocked to 4.2 ghz and a 3080ti both watercooled, sharing the same loop. I have 7x 120mm fans connected and running at 1500rpm on two different radiators + an exhaust. The reservoir and pump are separate. Ever since the 3080ti upgrade I'm seeing thermal issues, with it sometimes reaching like 80c when I'd like to keep it barely at 70. Speedfan says the pump is rocking along at 5000RPM and it's supposed to push 1500L/h so I doubt that's the issue. Are the 7x 1500 RPM fans somehow not cooling the water fast enough? The radiators seems to get really hot to the touch, but I think that's normal given that their job is heat dissipation, so don't let that dissuade you from looking at any other potential issues.

What should I check? Maybe ensure the GPU waterblock mount is good? If it's not that, then what should I check next?


need more information

what gpu do you have, make and model
what water block do you have

Did you make sure to cross refference the water block to the card to make sure it fits. Not all 3080Ti blocks will fit every manufacture cards.

what radiators do you have
what fans do you have.

What is the fin density of the radiator? If you have a high fin density you will need static pressure fans to force air thru all the fins.

If the radiators are hot to the touch then your not moving enough air thru them to cool the water down.


Contributing Writer
How is the waterblock coolant ports setup? Can you provide some images? Almost sounds like the inlet/outlet port are on the same side of the GPU block or there's air in the system and the pump isn't getting the coolant moved through the loop.

Assuming the CPU is staying at good temps, only the GPU is getting hot?