Jan 7, 2006
I wanted a quieter pc and after some research decided to embark on a project: Watercooling my PC

I obtained an online guide, but it was long, so I just flicked through to get the general idea.

First off I removed both sides of my PC case, then removed all existing fans and heat sinks including the psu and graphics card (this one was a ah heck! I had to use a hammer)

Any way, once finished I half filled my bath (yes I DID use COLD water….duh!)

I CAREFULLY lowered my PC in and turned it on, there was a loud bang and lots of sparks, I reached in the bath to turn it off….and then something strange happened after that….i don’t quite remember what…???

Anyway, I woke up slumped on the bathroom floor, checked my pc, and it still hadn’t booted up, so I tried to turn it on again….NOTHING

Then I realised my mistake…….I only half filled the bath! The top of the case was poking out of the water….DUH

I filled the bath the rest of the way and tried the power switch again….NOTHING…..DAMN.

Do you think I might have over cooked it by using too little water???


The problem is that you need to be in the tub at the time of initially turning on the PC... Don't ask me why, just do or die is what they say...
Try it and report the results...


Jan 8, 2006
No. The fans have to be IN the water. IN! Also, the reason you failed was because you didn't use boiling molten metal. Remember that. Among experienced computer technicians, 'water-cooling' is actually slang for 'molten metal cooling'. You have no idea of how hot a CPU runs, do you? TENS OF THOUSANDS of degrees.