Question Waterpump Noises

Apr 1, 2020
Hey there,

please excuse my english, I'm not a native speaker and don't really know all technical terms.

I have a problem with my alphacool eiswolf gpx-pro.

I've installed it to my 1080 about 2 years ago and it was amazing.
About 70 Degrees Celsius under full load, and it was almost completley quiet.

Today however I noticed that one of my fans made some noise, so I took it out.
While doing so, I had to remove my radiator, which made some noise (like water splashing, seems like it wasn't filled completely).
I did not fill it up before mounting it back in the PC, because I didn't worry too much about it.

But after starting my PC, my waterpump for the gpu, started blasting at maximum noise.
I checked the motherboard bios, and it seems like the pump is running at maximum power (it never has before).
Temps are also completely off, I get idle temperatures of about 60 Degrees Celsius, and when i start a game like Overwatch, it jumps up to 97.

I'm afraid to start anything right now, but I need my PC for Online-University-Classes, and of course for gaming.

Should I refill my loop ?
Could there be some debris inside the loop ?


Contributing Writer
Sloshing is common in AIOs and prefilled liquid coolers - they are not filled 100% from the factory and the sloshing is due to air allowing the coolant to move around. I think the Alphacool ones have the ability to 'top up' the coolant if there is a port to do so...distilled water or more Alphacool coolant would be preferred.

It sounds like your issue is an airlock, so tapping the tubing and pump can help dislodge this. Also, you can tilt your case from side to side in multiple directions while doing so. What might be occurring is an air bubble preventing the pump from pushing coolant.

Give these steps a try and see if it helps.