Question Wattman Settings Don't Work?

A question for the AMD Graphics card gurus, I hope you can help!

I was evaluating some differences in a couple graphics RX 5700 Red Dragon and an RX 5700 XT Red swapping them out in my computer. Now, when I load up Radeon Wattman and make changes in any setting, like memory clocks for instance, they don't work.

Wattman shows the settings 'took' but GPU-Z doesn't show they changed from default nor does it seem apparent in 3DMark scores. I've un-installed drivers and even used DDU to do a 'clean-up' before re-install. It also doesn't matter which card I have installed, the 5700 or the 5700XT, they both behave the same way staying 'locked' at default settings (although it shows they changed in Wattman).

Could this possibly have changed something on the cards that make this happen (I really hope not)? or is there some registry setting or errant file that DDU isn't taking care of for 5700 cards when 'cleaning up' drivers?

Is it possible to 'lock' settings accidentally?

Shouldn't matter but here's this too:
3700X processor
LM-240 AIO cooler
b450m mortar
16Gb Gskill DDR4
650W Corsair RM650 PSU
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Restart the computer and try again (restart, not shut down). I've had settings not take on cold boot.
I've uninstalled drivers twice, DDU'd them twice, reinstalled twice, once an older version to let Radeon Settings detect and install the next update. In between all those things I don't know how many restarts and shut downs.

BTW...the reason restarts are necessary is Windows doesn't fully unload drivers and app's at shutdowns if Fast Startup is enabled, it's really more of a 'hybrid sleep'. But on a restart the system assumes you're doing it to re-load drivers and settings so it completely unloads the whole lot and re-reads all settings when re-loading them from disk. So that's why you've not had settings 'take' on a cold boot since it's not really a cold boot at all.