Jan 29, 2005
I'm very, VERY close to buying this case, which I'm totally in love with (and yes, I've seen the Tsumani and I think it's awful). I've read several posts talking about the cooling being on the verge of bad, but most seem to say that if you don't overclock it will be fine. Now, these people ALL seem to have gone for the top-cooling option, which I can't apply as I need those top USB / firewire ports. So, if I were to just stay with the config that this case ships with, and if I'm NOT overclocking, will there be any heat issues?

I've considered putting an intake fan / tube in the side to fit over the processor, but that makes me worry about EMI shielding going kaput.

People, what's the word???


Sep 15, 2002
I don't think the wavemaster has much of a cooling problem. It just has a space and wire management problem. My friend had that case and w/ 2 hard drives and 2 optical drives and the cable mess ate all the space and we just couldn't find a way to make it look nice. There really isn't any good place to tuck cables away :(

They sell the wavemaster with one of those airducts on the side already. If they sell it like that there shouldn't be any problems with it.

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