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Question Way to get ethernet ports in my house working?

Oct 12, 2019
Have moved into student house for the year, the router is virgin media and in the living room, it is near a port for that room which is labelled 6, each bedroom also has a port labelled 1-5.
In the lobby across from the living room there is 6 ethernet ports labelled 1-6, i'm guessing these provide the connection to the rooms? Basically can i link my router to these ports and provide internet to the rooms in the house? Behind the casing of ports it says Category 5e.
Ideally is there a way to do it without running an ethernet cable across rooms (as seems logical that i'd have to wire it from router into the lobby ethernet ports)? will try to include pictures as well, sorry am out my depth with networking so thanks for any help.
images: View: https://imgur.com/a/g9LSMME?