Question WD Blue or Red Plus 6TB for storage and backup?


Aug 24, 2019
Yes, I have googled, but I still feel unsure which one to choose.

WD Blue = 256 MB buffer memory, 2 years warranty, CMR, "optimal for desktop".

WD Red Plus = 128 MB buffer, 3 years warranty, CMR, "optimal for NAS".

The Red Plus is about €10 cheaper. The normal WD Red is cheaper still, but SMR which I don't trust.

I want a 6 TB HDD for storing videos and other files that I don't need quick SSD-speed access to, so 5400 rpm is fine. I'm thinking of one internal HDD and maybe one later I can use as an external backup HDD (I have a docking station I plug in via USB).

Does the Red Plus as a NAS drive have any disadvantages if I use it as planned? Worse error correction or maybe doesn't like to spin up only a few times a month, or...?

An alternative is the WD Black that is faster and has longer warranty. But then I would only get a 4 TB, because of the price. The Blacks are very good drives, and I use a couple now. :)