Question WD blue SSD model difference

Aug 7, 2022
Anyone know the difference between the WD blue SSD models WDS100T3B0A and WDS100T2B0A? The T2 looks like it released around summer of 2017, and T3 around spring of this year (2022). The older one says 3D NAND, newer one just says the model name SA510.

Newegg specs appear very similar, just a touch slower on the new one.
I can't answer the question, but perhaps one could gain some insight by comparing the WDS100T2B0A with the WDS100T1B0A.

I notice that both PCBs are single sided, and both have a Marvell 88SS1074 4-channel controller.

The layout is very similar except that the earlier PCB has two Micron 512MB LPDDR3 DRAMs while the later has a single 1024MB Micron DDR DRAM.

Both SSDs appear to be using 8 x 128GB 3D TLC SanDisk 15nm NAND.

In short, I can't see any obvious difference apart from the DRAMs, although the total DRAM capacity is the same.
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