Question WD Blue SSD SN550 freeze my PC

Feb 8, 2020
Here is my Build.

Asus tuf x570 Gaming plus wi fi
Ryzen 3700x
Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro
G Skills rpijaws DDR4 3200
Gigabyte RTX 2070 super
corsair RM 750 80+
Cooler Master MC500P ATX mid tower

so in the first place I bought a WD SN550 1TB M2 2280 nvme.

When that drive was in the NVME slot, the PC would not boot further than the Asus TUF image, where it says press DEL to access the BIOS. Then the PC was frozen there.
I went over 10 hours of trouble shooting to realise that when I take off that SSD, I could access the BIOS.

So in the first place I though I had a defective SSD and I asked for a replacement at Western Digital, that took 4 weeks to get.
After 1 week, I wanted to use my PC so I bought a EVO 970 500gb SSD and place it where my SN550 SSD was. Everything worked fine... set up windows etc... my PC is running well now.

Now I just received the replacement SSD, and im trying to use a as second drive. (it is brand new, in an opened box etc...)
Same thing happen, my PC freeze and I see the screen where it says press DEL to access BIOS.

So clearly the replacement I got isnt defective. Do I have something to set up in the bios before place it in the slot ?
Is it possible this SSD isnt compatible with my motherboard ?