WD Caviar Blue and Black


Nov 28, 2011
I would like to buy the Black version, because it's faster, and the warranty is better, but the noise issue is not nice.
Are all Black's noisy? Can you hear them through Define R3 case, which should be silenced?
Any recommendations ?


I've got 3 WD blacks in a bottom of the line Tuniq case sitting about 1ft from me, and the video card is really the only thing I can hear at idle. If you copy some large files around you will hear the drives, but nothing that seems overly loud to me. I will never buy WD drives again though, after they essentially disabled the ability to use them in anything other then stand alone, and Raid 0/1 sets.

I didn't notice the Sata 2/3 thing earlier, the drives I am using are Sata 2.
You didn't specify which model you are looking at. Mine are a few years old and they are quiet. Even the 1Tb WD1001FALS I have is quiet. Perhaps quiet to me is loud to you. Personally, I think seagate drives tend to be louder than WD drives, or at least the ones I have had.


I have both black and blue WD's and the blacks are noisier. Especially when something like indexing or defrag is going on. Obviously they will be noisier in a gaming type rig as opposed to a basic desktop due to the amount of usage. You will especially notice it in larger tower style gaming cases that have a lot of mesh for air flow.

This is one of the main reasons I switched to the Samsung F3 which is also faster by a slight bit according to most benchmarks I ran. It is also whisper quiet. I wound up putting the WD black in my HTPC. Even then I can hear it on occasion from 10 feet away. The blue drive is in an aluminum DIY external box. Don't really hear it at all either.



All I know is there is no shortage of refurb WD's around. I just think WD ain't what they used to be and I have used them exclusively for many years. Not that they are any worse than Seagate or Hitachi these days, but they used to be so much better. I know I am loving my Samsung.