Question WD damage diagnose - partially seen by Disc Manager - Fail Smart test

Feb 22, 2019
This is what I get from Disck Chekup :

WD Disc Manager is able to identify the serial number aswell and the total capacity but Fail SMART test.
Directory is not visible atall in Windows Explorer.

The case: a WD Mybook 8Tb accidentally dropped on hard floor from 60cm.

The question is: the correct identification of the serial number from Disc Manager is a warranty that I can get the data back if I give my drive to some data recovery lab?
Is a warranty of disk not scratched?

If needed ill tell you more.
Could we the SMART report in CrystalDiskInfo?

BTW, if the drive is making noises, it would be best not to power it up. Moreover, if it is a helium model, then you will most likely not find a data recovery shop that would be able to handle head/media faults.