Question WD Elements 4tb --- plug it in to which USB port?

Jun 9, 2020
I have a 4tb SD Elements and I am curious in which USB slot is best to put it in. On its cable it shows the USB 3.0 symbol, with the two SS's. Now I also got this other USB slot that also shows a +, if I put it in that one would it be faster or the same? The reason I ask is due to how I am placing the laptop and cable's reach, it'd be more convinient to put it on the right side where the normal USB 3.0 SS is at compared to the other but I want maximum performance speed.


It won't make much difference. The internal 5400rpm HDD operates at one speed and not a single bit faster.
You should see about 100MB/s maximum Sequential speed from it, since it's new and empty, no matter which type of USB3, 3.1, 3.2 port you plug it into. USB2 ports are much slower and would drop you to less then half that speed.

Another thing to remember is that lots of smaller files transfer much much slower then the max which is only for larger sequential files.