Question WD Elements Portable works fine but beeps a lot - beep codes?


Feb 20, 2016
Hello, anyone know what this noise means?

It's a WD Elements Portable (2.5"), 2TB. The drive worked fine for about 10 hours during the SMART self-test and first hours of operation some days ago. Since yesterday it's started beeping after working fine for several hours, a minute before I was about to unplug it. After attaching it again the beeping continues. It stays silent for some time, then goes beeping for maybe 20 seconds to several minutes. This happens whether it's idling or there's continuous I/O.

The drive seems to work fine, I/O speeds don't seem to drop during or after beeping (I was downloading from a server and it never dropped below the max DSL speed). Files seem alright and the SMART readout doesn't show any pending sectors or anything interesting. This has all occured on 2 computers with 2 different USB cables.

I've backed up the data and planning to send it back, but so far there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with it other than the beeps (no click of death or anything). Would love to fix it if I can avoid having to dig up the warranty crap.