WD External hard drive is not working


Mar 8, 2017
Hi all, I have a query related to external hard drive. I have a 500gb WD external hard drive with me. It was working fine. A few days back, I connected it to my laptop to copy some data to it. But the laptop is not detecting the disk. The light on the hard drive is blinking. But there are no other indications in the laptop. I don't know what actually happened. I tried the same with other computer systems, including systems with Linux OS. But it is showing the same issue. I consulted one hardware shop to fix it. But they couldn't repair it. What could be the reason for this? Is this because of any problems with the file system on the hard drive? Is it possible to reset it? One of my friends told me that, it will be difficult to repair external hard drives. If somebody has any tips to resolve this, please share it. If it is not possible, I will have to recover the data on it at any cost. I found the service of off-site backup here http://www.storagepipe.com/services/endpoint-backup-and-sync/. Is it possible to recover the data, if I consult such services? I think it is better to transfer all data to the cloud storage.


Jan 16, 2017
If you know it needs to be repaired then try to get it out of the case and plug it into a normal computer. From there first thing to do is if you can see the drive in the BIOS. If you do, boot up Testdisk from Ultimate Boot CD and see if you find anything you can recover.

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