WD external hard drive issues. wdbabv0010bbk-00


May 31, 2016
My computer is a 2009 Macbook pro. I have a 1 Tb external hard drive (wdbabv0010bbk-00) that as recently as a week ago I could access just fine. Now, when I plug it in, the hard drive boots up, the light starts flashing, and I can hear the internals spinning, but the device does not show up on my computer. When I try to back up using time machine, I get the message that the backup disc is not available. This is purely a backup for me, but given the age of my computer I'd rather not wait very long if the hard drive has indeed crapped out. Ideally I could keep using this for a while as a backup, but I'm not trying to push my luck. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
Welcome to the community, renton20!

This seems unfortunate! However, I'd suggest you to perform some basic troubleshooting in order to find out what is the cause of this. I'd start by using Disk Utility to test the drive for defects. I'd also suggest you to use a different USB cable and attempt to connect it to another USB port on your Mac. Hopefully, that will help you detect the WD Elements properly. If you have access to another Mac OS X computer, you might also want to see how the external drive will be recognized there as well.

Keep me posted! Hope this helps! :)

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