Question WD Green 4TB cannot inizialized in external enclosure via USB.


Sep 12, 2016
I put a WD Green 4TB in a "WD My Book 8TB" enclosure (I removed the 8TB drive for internal use)
this one, to be exact

The drive does get recognized in Disk Management, however, I cannot initialize it.

Clicking on GPT, I get this error message:
The specified disk is not convertible because the size is less than the minimum size required for GPT disks.

In Aoemi Partition Assistant, the drive gets regognized, but shown as 0bytes.

Does anyone know how to have windows recognize the drive using this enclosure?

For the 8TB drive I already had to tape off the 3.3Volt pins in order to make it work... Quite the hassle these days with external/internal swapping. I've done this multiple times before and have in fact 3 WD Book enclosures, all from before 2016, that work in the same way... In fact the WD Green 4tb that I am trying to use now is from such an older enclosure
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