Question WD M.2 SSD is taking a very long time to read on startup

Aug 10, 2020
I recently bought a new WD 1TB M.2 SSD for game storage in my new PC. Whenever I turn on the PC or restart it, I am unable to access files or launch games for about the first 5 minutes. Trying to browse files causes file explorer to hang. Games that I try to launch such as Apex Legends are simply unresponsive until the drive has time to read. When this is happening, the drive is at 0% usage. Also, in the performance tab of Task Manager, the drive is not there until it becomes responsive. This includes my other 2 drives which are a 1TB WD HDD and a Sandisk 240GB SATA SSD for a boot drive.

Thanks to anyone that has any advice for my issue!


Retired Mod
What is your motherboard model?

What is your current motherboard BIOS version?

How many other drives are installed in addition to this drive, where are they connected SPECIFICALLY (As in, exactly which SATA, M.2 or PCI slot locations) and do you have any other lane using hardware installed such as secondary graphics cards or other PCIe devices?