[SOLVED] WD My Passport detected then a couple seconds later malfunctioned

Sep 2, 2020
First of all, I'd like to apologize if some of you may having a hard time reading this, English isn't my first language.

Now, let me explain the problem. I have a 3 years old WD My Passport 2TB external hard drive which I haven't used in a while (probably just a couple months), yesterday when I tried to use it, my computer made that sound when you plug in a USB but it doesn't show up on explorer. So I try to open it in disk management, still doesn't show up, so I open my device manager, there I see my computer actually detected my external hard drive.

Also this

But then, a couple of seconds later, my computer made that sound when you plug out a USB and then the sound when you plug in a USB. But this time, the thing that shows on the device manager is different, other than the HGST, there is nothing under the "disk drives" option, and under the universal serial bus controllers, it shows this (the one with the unknown USB device).

I also got a popup like this

I've tried everything, I tried running troubleshoot, updating the driver, uninstalling the driver, reinstalling the driver, uninstalling the USB host controller. I tried to see the partition with the EaseUS Recovery Partition Wizard. I also got a new USB cable and I tried it on another computer and the problem is still the same. I tried some of the methods from people with a similar problem but nothing seems to work.

For the record, I do have another broken external hard drive but in that one's case, my computer just completely doesn't detect anything so I'm not sure with this one because it seems to detect it at first then for some reason it doesn't detect it anymore after a couple of seconds. Luckily there is nothing really important, just some nostalgia stuffs like video, pictures, and some software installers.

Does anyone know how to fix this or do I need to buy a new external hard drive? At the very least, does anyone know a way for me to open the content in it so I'll be able to back up some of my data?

Thanks in advance.
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