WD MyBook not recognizing USB 3.0

I just recently purchased a WD Mybook with USB 2.0/3.0 capabilities.

The problem is that I can not get my computer to recognize the USB 3.0 cable when it is plugged in.

Normally with any USB device when it is plugged in for the first time you will here windows chime indicating that a new USB device has been detected.

This is apparently a very popular topic as I have found a multitude of posts on the web about it and on the WD forum.

Has anyone offer any suggestions on how to correct this problem? This issue occurred both prior to and after the installation of the WD software.
Ok. I figured out some things. I went to ASUS.com and found a USB 3.0 update for my motherboard. After installing it the drive was recognized on the USB 3.0 port for the first time.

At the moment I am transferring files over to the MyBook external hard drive but the rate is only 19mb per second.

Shouldn't it be much faster on a USB 3.0 connection?
I am currently researching this cover story on tom's hardware:

Faster USB 3.0 Performance: Examining UASP And Turbo Mode

It basically says that 4 critera have to be in place for USB 3.0 to work. If they are all not there the fail safe kicks in and it reverts back to USB 2.0. I noticed my machine is missing a storage controller driver. I am thinking that may be part of it.