WD Ships "World's First" Portable 2TB HDD

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Feb 27, 2005
[citation][nom]Ragnar-Kon[/nom]Considering how my last 3 external WD drives died, and the $250 price tag, I'll pass kthx.[/citation]That's all I hear about these external drives. Why can't they be more reliable?
Purchased my son a 500GB Seagate goflex xmas before last for $59. The 500GB version has an insane markup. Hard driver makers better focus on making higher density drives so customers inelastic value on low past prices is no longer of issue. WD would be better off with just the 1.5 and 2 TB models for sale. On the lower end versions the price needs to fall and when it does no one will want the low capacity.

For the price of the 500GB version I would buy a 120GB SSD on sale with an external enclosures first.


Jan 3, 2011
Bought two 500GB WD Caviar Blacks before the floods for $50 each new. Awesome deal, since now they're twice that. Seriously, how long does it take to stabilize your manufacturing? WD drives have always been rock solid for me, but I could see how carrying a HDD in you pocket could cause premature failure. The subtitle of this article reminds me of that article Tom's did on how much data is released in an ejaculation.


Jun 18, 2009
[citation][nom]Kridian[/nom]That's all I hear about these external drives. Why can't they be more reliable?[/citation]

I think there is a misconception that because these drives are "portable" that they can also be considered "rugged". But in actual fact, you will notice that most of these portable drives don't differ much from their enclosed desktop counterparts, except for size. Even some of the extra "padding" provides marginal protection at best. At the end of the day, you are carrying around a Hard Drive with the same sensitive components as any other HDD, only this time it's in your backback, on the bus, and anywhere else it might get shaken about. You might get lucky, you might not. Simple solution: don't keep your mission critical data on it, and if using it as a go-between, make sure it is synched on both ends!


May 12, 2008
I know balister, the 1 TB Passport I bought was 2.5" as well. I know prices have gone up a little since I bought it, but you can still get it for $120.
[citation][nom]Kridian[/nom]That's all I hear about these external drives. Why can't they be more reliable?[/citation]
Because they are in a tiny little housing that does not eat vibration as well as a laptop body. Seriously, spin something around at 5400rpm and then move it without breaking it... it's a small miracle they work at all!

I loved the opening line lol
[citation][nom]memadmax[/nom]Yea, at this price, I'll just get an enclosure for $25 and a 2tb drive for $119...Thank you drive thru![/citation]
These are notebook drives, not desktop drives, that is where the price comes in. But I am with you, give me a more rugged large drive over a tiny little laptop drive any day... and at 2TB imagine how long it will take to transfer stuff off of your old USB2 only PC/laptop... loading.... loading.... loading...


Sep 6, 2006
[citation][nom]AidanJC[/nom]Wish i could just buy the actual hard drive instead. Bump up the storage space in my Laptop a little[/citation]

Likewise, but in my case, it's to build a very large SAN without having to use a full sized tower.
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