Question WD_black SN850 SSD Dashboard tests wouldn't run. Defective drive?

Mar 30, 2021
Hey everyone!

As the title says when I try to run the tests from WD Dashboard it wouldn’t even start, goes straight to “Operation Failed” my SN850 1TB, Doesn't show any error codes or anything.

The drive is otherwise performing as it should, Health status is 100% in CrystalDiskInfo "raw SMART values are also as they should be", Ran multiple benchmarks "CrystalDiskMark and Samsung Magician" and the performance is as expected in sequential and random tests, the drive even passes the Quick/Extended tests from the old Data Lifeguard Diagnostic tool from WD "but shows SMART statues as not available, Could be because the drive is new and this software is outdated?"

I’ve previously contacted WD support to see if they can confirm if this is a bug in Dashboard or if the drive is indeed defective and their responses were nothing more than irrelevant copy-pasted <Mod Edit> from their website "like sending me an overview of what Dashboard is and links to WD Dashboard FAQ and download mirrors" that wasn't helpful in the slightest.

I still have 45 days to replace/return this drive through Amazon, But this is the only SSD in my workstation and I don't want to boot from a HDD for a week untill the SSD is replaced only to find out later that this was just a software bug.

Any advice on what to do? Is anyone experiencing the same problem?
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I think this was discussed on my discord (which focuses on SSDs), you can ask there if you'd like. Won't link it but look up NewMaxx and then SSD Help. I do recall someone having issues with the WD Dashboard and the SN850 so you're not alone.