Question Webcam (Logitech C920) how to flip/rotate in Windows 10?


Jun 5, 2018
I just bought a Logitech C920 webcam for use in some online piano lessons with my teacher.

The camera is set up facing me, but I can mechanically rotate it 90 degrees down to show the piano keyboard, but that results in the piano keyboard being upside down to the viewer. So I want to flip the image 180 degrees digitally when I do that, so my instructor will see the keyboard rightside up. (N.B., rotation and flipping are not the same - if I rotate the image 180 degrees the keyboard faces you but the left-hand keys are on the right side. A flip reverses up and down but not left and right.

I'm running the Microsoft Windows 10 Camera App, which I just installed today (version 2020.902.20.0) to set all this up and it doesn't seem to have a setting for flipping or rotating, but all over the web people say that it has a rotation feature. (e.g., ) Does anyone know how to access it, or has Microsoft removed it, or is there a different Microsoft Windows 10 Camera App or what?

Thanks in advance.
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