Question Webcam required for media creation & school-related video conferencing ?

Jan 9, 2021
I need a webcam for school, but I also want something I can use to shoot videos for social media (I'm imagining something held up by some kind of tripod or stand that is mobile).

I already have an iPhone SE (the older one from like 2016).

I'm thinking... should I just get a basic webcam for school purposes, and then use my iPhone's camera to shoot videos for social media? Or is there one camera/device that suits both purposes that might be a better choice?

My first thought is that a webcam might not really work for shooting social media videos because it is tethered to my desktop PC, right? So I can't take it outside to my outdoor gas burner if I want to shoot a cooking video outside, right?


Start with your iPhone SE.

Experiment, test, try. Improvise a few test stands. Learn what works, what does not work, and what other issues appear.

You may well discover that the iPhone is more than enough for your requirements. Especially if the school purposes are limited to a couple of classes or one semester. I.e., "short term".

Overall the results of the experiments and tests will help you to learn more about potential problems and specific requirements for shooting videos.

And if the weather is good, there should be no harm in taking a webcam outside to shoot a video. Just keep the webcam away from heat, smoke, etc...

Just as you would with the iPhone SE.

And there are wireless webcams:

FYI: (Note not recommending or endorsing any given camera. You can easily find other similar links.)