Question Webcam woes on Lenovo S340 ?

Dec 29, 2021
Good morning! I've got a Lenovo S340-14API with Win 11 (21H2) that keeps forgetting that it has a built-in webcam. When the webcam works it shows as having the driver as listed on the Lenovo support website (Sunplus_5.0.18.46 ) and the webcam works across all apps that use the camera. However, sometimes, the webcam simply shows a black screen in any app, although the 'in-use' light by the webcam is illuminated and the driver has reverted to a default Microsoft driver dated 2006 in Device Manager.

I then have to do multiple device uninstalls, hardware change scans and re-install the Sunplus driver before it works, and it will work for a while before this repeats. Why is it doing this and how can I stop it defaulting back to the old Microsoft driver please?

Many thanks in advance as this is getting really, really annoying! David