Question "WebP" image format does not open in older Firefox version ?


Apr 10, 2016
I use Windows XP OS on my PC. Therefore the browsers I have to use to access Web are Mozilla Firefox version 52.9.1 and also sometimes Google Chrome version 49 as these are the final versions which work on Windows XP.

I am satisfied with Firefox 52.9. But recently, a new picture format called "WebP" has come up and few websites have started to use it in place of jpg and png image formats. Now, this version of Firefox (52.9) does not support/recognise WebP format, it's only supported from Firefox version 65 onwards. As a result, any WebP images do not load in Firefox ver. 52.9.

Well, Chrome version 49 does support webp format but Chrome has other limitations. As Windows XP does not have TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2, the websites that use TLS 1.1/1.2 do not open in Chrome. Firefox has got inbuilt TLS 1.2, therefore it can open those websites too which use TLS 1.1 and 1.2. Therefore, I mostly use
Firefox instead of Chrome.

I tried to fix this issue by searching for any plugin for Firefox which can make this version of Firefox to open webp images too. I could not find such a plugin. But if there exist such a plugin then I would like to know. But that plugin must support this Firefox version - 52.9.1 otherwise it is of my no use.

Even if there is no such plugin, is there any other way to make Firefox 52.9 to open webp images?

If there is absolutely no solution then I am open to alternative browsers too that work on XP but it must have all the features which Firefox 52.9 has got and must be equally secure too.

I cannot upgrade my Operating System at this moment. So, upgrading the OS is not an option at this time.

Thank you very much!!!


What constraints are confining you to XP?

Also consider conversion of WebP images:

For example:

There are many other similar links so if conversion is viable then you may be able to workaround the incompatibilities imposed by your OS and browsers.

Very likely you will need to accept some trade-offs. And some of the trade-offs may not even be known or realized until you try some conversion process.

Look for additional links and options.
If you are constrained to XP then there is no reliable solution as I can think of.

How old are the computer - have it a 64 bit CPU. If yes, one solution could be to ditch XP and throw in a Linux distro with a light desktop. Linux Lite for example.