Website Hosting help. Need a new host!


Apr 7, 2008
Not sure where to put this so I figured Networking area would be good…

I’m trying to find a good host for websites. I’ve used Yahoo web hosting for the past few business websites I’ve done but was wondering if there is something cheaper but just as reliable?

I was figuring Google would be the way to go but it looks like the only thing they offer is Free websites that have restrictions, and because I’m working with businesses that get a decent amount of traffic I don’t think any restrictions would be so hot.

I was doing some research and FatCow came up a few times, but I can’t tell if the sites I was looking at are just ad’s for that place or not.

Thoughts and suggestions?

Also, what I’ve done in the past was get their Credit Card info, go onto Yahoo and sign them up, build their site on post it… then give them their username and password. And if they needed any updates they would just pay a little bit to me to go in and change things…
If I set it up so I always own their site and they just pay me monthly… if someone wants to buy their right off of me, how do I transfer the domain name over to them?

Thanks all!