Question Website Links Opening in Small Window

Sep 18, 2018
Hi. I'm running Windows 7 on a PC. I'm having an issue with Internet Explorer 11. If I click on a link from a webpage or a google search, the page opens up small (about a 1/4 page). The same thing will happen if I open up IE from the START menu. But, if I open IE from a DESKTOP SHORTCUT or from the TASKBAR, the page they will open up FULL sized. I did a google search and tried various fixes, but none of them worked. Here's what I've tried so far:

1) To always load Internet Explorer in Full Screen Mode, Open Regedit:
  • Navigate to the following location: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main
  • To the right of main locate the value FullScreen
  • right click at FullScreen
  • click Modify
  • Value Data > change NO to YES
  • That will change the Fullscreen value to Yes
2) Close ALL tabs and instances of IE. Then Opening Internet Explorer. Then Use the cursor and drag the window to full size. Do NOT use the maximize button.
FILE --> Exit. Do NOT use the red X button to exit. Re-open IE.

3) Open one window then another and dragging the second window to the full screen size and then closing the first and second windows while holding the ctrl key.

4) Open IE and open an additional (2nd) IE window which will also be small. Put your cursor on the upper-left corner of the 2nd window, until the left-top corner is aligned with the top-left corner of your screen. In the right-bottom corner of the 2nd IE window, drag the RE-SIZER down diagonally until it rests at the top of the Status Bar and at the bottom-right-hand corner of your screen. Close the 1st window and then close the 2nd window. IE will now remember your position and size on the next opening. If that doesn't work, repeat the above, but when closing both windows, hold Ctrl and Shift keys while clicking the X.

5) Open your normal home page resize window to the size you want resave this as your home page. All other shortcuts should open at this size too.

Thanks for your help.