News Websites Evade Google Chrome's Incognito Protections

Olle P

Apr 7, 2010
I don't see a problem with websites being able to detect wether a visitor is "incognito" or "public".
What matters is what other information they can extract when a user is "incognito".
I suppose that, if a person wanted to be truly "incognito" while browsing news sites, it would be a simple expedient to simply create a separate user account and login through that account and brows such sites from there. I doubt that there's much of a work-around for that.....unless windows leaks information more readily than I originally thought.

Of course, publishers could just start popping up their paywalls after x number of visits from a particular IP addy.

For my part in the whole browsing news sites matter, once I discover that a news site uses paywalls, I never go back. TheGuardian has become my goto site for such information, though.