Feb 16, 2009
I have:

i7 920 - 2.66 Ghz
Asus P6T Deluxe
2 x 260 Asus Nvidia video cards
6GB Corsair RAM
2 x Velicraptor HD's - Raid 0
Vista 64 - Ultimate

I have installed onto the Maxwell RAID, and had the same issue, formatted and installed on the intel RAID, and the issue continues.

About once a week, randomly, sometimes it could be 2 times in a day, but the system just freezes. I have 2 displays (SLI is disabled to allow this) and it seems that one video card just goes black, and the other leaves its display up. But the system did freeze. The event logs show previous shutdown was unexplected, but thats all.

I have checked the temps, MB temp, 50 degrees, Idle CPU speed is 45-47, I have checked for latest drivers and BIOS, and don't have anything that is out of date. The random freezes are killing me, any one have any ideas of what I should do to isolate the issue?