Weird 300 GB file created in Hard Drive


Nov 14, 2009
Found this weird file today,

name: 3590F75ABA9E485486C100C1A9D4FF06UWVAKGBNFZCRAHII
type: file
location: C:\
size: 289 GB (310,787,883,008 bytes)
Created/Modified/Accessed: Today, ‎November ‎13, ‎2009, ‏‎13 hours ago


On a maybe unrelated note/problem:

Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 6000+ 3.00 GHz
Ram: 3GB
Hard drive: 456GB, only 13gb of free space now b/c of that file
OS: Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Edition, 32-bit (Build Service Pack 26002)
Power Supply: Antec Earthwatts 500W
Graphics Card: GeForce 9800GT (taken out as of now b/c of crashing)

-Bought graphic card and power supply to play GTA IV half a year ago.
-Computer has history since summer of always crashes/blue screen/freeze on startups, playing GTA IV, and random.
-Last month bought new bigger case, stronger fans, and reformatted, fresh vista reinstall.
-Was ok for a little now crashing a bit, crashing a lot this week.
-This morning crashed 3x during first start up and 2x more today(no external graphic card was inside).

I wish to know what is that file, is it safe to delete, and perhaps any ideas/insight as to why my computer crashes. Welcome to ask for any information needed.

Please and thank you.



Jan 15, 2005
If it were me, I would create a restore point and then delete it. Of course, I'd back up everything important to me just in case.

Have you scanned for spyware and/or viruses?
Does that file grow in size over time?

As for crashing, do you get a blue screen?
I would check voltage and timing specs for your RAM and make sure they are set correctly.
Have you tried different video card drivers?


Looks like some kind of back up file. Have you opened it?

Do you have any scheduled back ups in place? If so, check them against the creation time of that file and the last back up created and current back up location.