Question Weird Artifact flickering on new monitors


Jun 4, 2016
Hey guys I've recently bought two Viewsonic VX2758 1440p 144hz monitors off of amazon. They were purchased around a month ago and I've been having some strange problems with one of them already. I used both of them fine in a dual monitor setup with no issues for a little over a month until today where I had a weird issue. I'm getting some flashing vertical green lines along the led screen along with the monitor in question turning black (like its getting no signal) occasionally. After messing around with the monitor for a while heres what I've tried in order to fix it. Removed both Display Port cords from the back of the monitors and swapped the cords from my monitors. After swapping the cords I still got the same issue with the monitor with the problems. After that I tried removing the display port cords from the back of the graphics card and it seemed to fix the issue randomly. After that my computer was running super slow and I had to restart my computer in order to resolve the issue. Upon restarting my computer my recommended scaling and my primary monitor had changed and the monitor in question would not get signal. After unplugging and reinstalling the cables again the monitor turned on but using the normal windows display settings I couldn't get my primary monitor to default back to the one with the issues. After opening nvidia control panel and using its display setting panel I finally got it to default back to the primary monitor. When I swapped the primary monitor back to the one that was having issues I saw a flash of the weird vertical lines across the screen and then it went back to normal with no issues. Since then I've had my monitor on for around 30 minutes with no sort of vertical lines issue.
So my question to you guys is what could this be? I'm honestly completely lost on what it could be, Maybe the monitor is starting to go out but it works sometimes? Or maybe my GPU is starting to go out but I'm not really sure. A little extra information on the vertical lines: They were very very faint like barely noticeable but the intensity of the lines changed the longer it had the issue. They were vertical lines and they had gaps in between them and they stretched the entire length of the monitor