Question Weird audio distortions on certain games, but only sometimes ?


Apr 11, 2016
So sometimes valheim or stellaris will have weird audio distortions with choppy frames. It also sometimes does it on halo mcc but it doesn’t happen to cyber punk or other games so far. It’s very random and ruins the game until it eventually goes away in 5 -10 minutes and than comes back in just about the same time. Idk how many games it does it to but why not to cyber punk or Witcher 3 they run fine. I have a beefy rig with a rtx 3070 and a ryzen 7 2700x. And 16gb of Corsair vengeance ram. Also does it to mtg arena sometimes and also when I watch some videos online??? I’ll notice the mouse looks like it is skipping around on the screen when I move it like it has crap fps? even when not in game when it happens…. And than eventually goes away like nothing was wrong..


Use Resource Monitor and Task Manager to observe system performance.

Use both but only one at a time.

Boot your system and launch the tool. Size the window as applicable to your screen(s) and slide to one side so you can watch.

Then watch without doing anything.

Then work/game etc. as normal while continuing to watch.

Determine what changes when the distortions etc. begin and end.

Most likely you will need a bit of "trial and error" to get a sense of how it all works along with finding how to narrow down to a particular resource or possible cause.

That all said: Make and model PSU? Wattage, age, condition?

Could be nearing its designed in EOL (End of Life).

Ensure that all important data is backed up.