Question Weird audio issue with computer system

Apr 6, 2020
Hello, I am new to this forum and joined because I have the weirdest issue going on with my computer and need another opinion on whats going on. I have a custom built computer that I have had since September and for the most part it has been running smoothly with the occasional annoying NVIDIA driver notification (I have an MSI Geforce GTX 1660 which is why I got those NVIDA notifications).

Anyways like I said my computer had been working just fine and today when I go to play a video I noticed that there was no audio coming out of my speakers. I tested the external speakers on another system and they work just fine. I try to play a video on my local computer and notice that the video wont even play-i get error 0xc1010103 (which is weird because I made that video with adobe premier just two days ago and it worked just fine). So i go to the audio icon on the taskbar and notice that there are 4 audio options when I only ever had 1 option for as long as I can remember. The audio options are:
-speakers (realtek(R) audio) *I have only ever had this option
-F24 (NVIDIA High definition audio)
-F24 (NVIDIA high definition audio)
-Realtek digital output (Realtek(R) audio)

I try changing the audio options and dont get any output. However, here is the weird part- when I click on F24 (NVIDIA HIgh definition audio) the video playback works just fine. I noticed this same thing happens with spotify. When I use speakers option then the graphical interface of spotify freaks out and does not play audio. When I use F24 then spotify works just fine but still there is no audio. I am really confused because this issue seems to affect two unrelated things: audio and video playback. Any help is greatly appreciated.