Question Weird audio issue

Jun 13, 2021
I recently moved my computer, not that far, but it being moved appeared to cause this issue. I plugged it in and at first none of the audio jacks worked. They didn't detect anything I plugged in. I then checked the connection of the audio header on my mobo [ MSI B450M BAZOOKA]. After reconnecting the header and restarting the computer a few times, it finally detected my headphones. I thought I had fixed the issue so I started playing some games. After around 45 minutes, the audio stopped. Windows still detected my headphones as plugged in, and showed sound was playing, but nothing is played through my headphones. The mic on the headphones also stops working. I thought it was a driver issue so I downloaded the audio drivers from the MSI website. The issue still wasn't fixed.
Everytime i restart my pc I get audio for like an hour before it cuts out. This seems to be a unique issue and I haven't seen anyone post about it while I was searching. plzhelpthx!