Weird audio/mic issue with USB adapter

Jan 26, 2019
Hello there !

I bought an USB audio adapter (1audio+1mic jacks into usb) and it doesn't work with all my headsets. Let me explain :

- my main headset is a HyperX Cloud Alpha with a TRRS jack and a splitter for 1 TRS stereo audio and 1 TRS mic (included with the headset). > this works perfectly with all my computers. No problem.
- when I try to connect the 2 jacks of my HyperX into the usb audio adapter, only the audio works correctly, the mic doesn't really pic up the sound (if I scream I can eventually hear a little bit, but I mean, that's not a "level" problem in the settings.
- when I plug another headset (a really cheap one, that you get for free etc, or even headphones with mic for smartphone) it works.
- then I tried experimenting : when I plug the mic from my hyperX directly into pink female jack of the usb adapter, it DOES work. (otherwise the mic is plugged into the headset, but is removable).
- so I though that the problem was my splitter TRRS > 2xTRS but when i plugged the phone's headphones (TRRS) into the hyperX splitter, it does work....

- so the only thing that doesn't work is when my headset mic go through the included splitter and then into the usb audio adapter, even if it works when I plug the splitter directly into the green/pink female jack of my computers.

I hope that makes sense... feel free to ask for more information, I will gladly help you help me !!

Thanks a lot if you read all of that non-sense, and thanks even more if you want to help :)

Bye !

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