Weird Bios Behaviour


Feb 9, 2012
My motherboard/CPU is doing some crazy weird stuff. it's an AsRock H61M/U3S3 and I have a core i5 2400.

It says my CPU temperature while idling in bios is around 93.5C(Yes Celsius). It keeps auto defaulting my RAM to 1066 and I'm not sure but I think the timings are all wrong when I bring it up to 1333mhz(My default)

It also puts my CPU voltage to 1.79 or something, and the lowest setting it will let me put the CPU voltage is 1.58 or something which still seems significantly... wrong.
It just seems that every setting/option in the bios is wrong, or weird or whatever.

I have updated bios and I have cleared CMOS or whatever.

The weirdest thing is the computer runs more than perfectly fine in Windows, no crashes, stop responding or any sign of instability.

Has anyone heard of something like this before, can it be fixed on my end or should I get it repaired/replaced?

Edit: If I smash the "Load UEFI defaults" key enough in bios it will set it to the (almost, I think) right stuff, but when I save changes and restart it will go back to strange settings

Specs for everything are:
Core i5 2400
AsRock H61M/U3s3
4GB 1333mhz DDR3 Gskill Ripjaw Dual Channel
Powercolor HD6870 1GB
Silverstone Strider Plus 600W
WD Blue HDD 500GB
WD Green HDD 1TB

Thanks in advance

I know, I did read what u wrote, but clear the CMOS the wrong way and it is not cleared : )

How do u know that your temps are so high? Sometimes it is the sensor malfunction.

Try HWmonitor @



you could always try feeling how hot the heatsink is on your cpu with your fingers, if its as hot as ur bios is saying then you wont be able to touch the heatsink for to long before it gets to hot.

another thing to try would be reinstalling the heatsink&fan (if its an aftermarket cooler it might be installed to tight putting pressure on the cpu giving wrong readouts, ive had this problem in the past).


If u open the case, is it really hot inside? If the CPU will be @ 90 C, it would be really hot and u would not be able to touch metal around the CPU.

Do u feel like it is hot? Another way to tell, is look in the HWmon and check the HDD temps.

Max, min and current. If it is above 55C the CPU is hot.

If it is around 26-39C, it is fine.