Weird boot freeze glitch


Apr 21, 2012
So I've been having an odd boot issue ever since I built my current system. This only seems to happen when I first turn the computer on, after it has been off for several hours, and even then not every time. It sometimes locks up at different points during boot, most often during the windows loading graphic.

My system specs:
Nvidia GTX470
Intel core 2 duo (E2220)
8GB PC2 6400 RAM (dual channel)
Windows 7 64 bit
700W power supply

Some pictures of the glitch:

is seen it happen to myself..and to a few other pc. sometime is the anti virus software is trying to load before windows is done and is hanging windows. try using ms config go under start up and turn everything off that on the start up tab. if the error stops it could be the anti virus or one of the programs trying to start. also check that you dont have two anti virus or malware programs trying to run.. the other issue could be that your missing a driver for a hardware piece or there an irq error where two devices are trying to use the same irq. last could be a bad stick of ram or ram issue.
with the irq issue check the bios to see if the pci irq are set to auto. some mb bios do set the to auto some dont. if your not using the onboard sound and using a sound card check that you turned the onboard sound off. last look inside your pc did you put a pci card in the next slot next to the video card?? on some mb the vendor have the video card and the first pci slot share irq.
some times you cant put a card in the next slot. make sure you download the mb inf drivers so all the mb chipset are found.
check that the sound and onboard network drivers are up to date. for the ram issue run memtest with both then take 1/2 memory out and see if the error stops.
What kind of PSU is that? It sounds like the PSU isn't very good to me.

The simplest test would be to take out the GTX 470 and just use motherboard/processor graphics, but your setup doesn't have either one of those.

The next most difficult test, which you would have to do instead, is either borrow a cheap video card from somebody/somewhere or borrow a better PSU if the one you have is a generic brand.

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