Question Weird Boot Up Issue On Windows 10

Jun 21, 2020
So this morning when I went to boot up my computer, it stopped mid boot at a blank screen with a single dash or underscore in a random location on the screen. I could not do anything and the computer did not react or move. I pressed the power button and restarted to see if it was a one time and sure enough it did boot but this time my keyboard was not detected whatsoever. After I unplugged my keyboard and plugged it back in, it lit up immediately but my computer froze up for about 8 seconds.

I've been using the same Steelseries Apex M750 keyboard for like 6 months and never had this issue or any other bootup issues over the last year. I am just wondering if this was a normal thing or if it was just a weird random bug. I haven't restarted the computer yet but if I have another issue I will update. I just play games and watch videos mostly with a bit of Ableton Live 10 and I did do an antivirus scan.

Specs if matter:
Motherboard: MSI B450 Pro Carbon AC
Processor: Ryzen 7 2700x
GPU: GTX 1070
Storage: Samsung 860 Evo 1TB SSD (Boot Drive, only 350GB used) / 2TB 7200 RPM HDD
Power Supply: EVGA Supernova 80+ Platinum
Memory: 16GB 3200Mhz (2x8)
Case: Cooler Master H500